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All parishioners are invited to partner with us to fulfill the mission of our church. In 1883, the founding pastor, Father Martin Van den Bogaard, came to Somerville with the goal of establishing a Catholic church for the handful of Catholics who lived in the area. Within two years, he had purchased land and built a church and rectory. Soon he would purchase land for a cemetery and firmly plant the roots of this great parish. All of this was accomplished through the donations of people and the support of various fundraising events.


fr. van den bogaard

Fr. Martin Van den Bogaard


In the early 1940's, Father Robert Graham initiated plans to build a school and his successor, Monsignor Eugene B. Kelly, directed those plans to a successful completion by building two schools. Within a decade, he would build our current church when the original church was destroyed by fire in 1965.

We have inherited a wonderful legacy from the generous support and great vision of our predecessors. Our task today is to rekindle the spirit of ownership and partnership which these founders exhibited. There are many ways you can leave your mark on this parish. Check out the options to the left and decide how you would like to partner with us.




For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be...much will be required of the person entrusted with much. Luke 12:32

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