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Pope Benedict advises that mature faith is what is required today.  We need to understand how to learn God's will so that our will may conform to it.  God must enter the horizon of our minds so that we can determine what God wants.

In our day looking into the very basis of religion is a fruitful and indeed vital pursuit, both for those who are Catholic and those who are not.  There are those non-Catholics who have observed the Catholic action - in hospitals, in the care of the poor and homeless, on the battlefield, in the market place - and who have come to respect this institution.  On the other hand, there are some who feel animosity toward the Catholic Church.  Then there are those who are indifferent.  For this reason Catholics are called to come to a defense of our faith through a charitable use of faith and reason."

During one of his visits to the United States, Pope John Paul the Great said that "there is no substitute for a systematic presentation of all the essentials of our Catholic Faith, a presentation which can provide the basis for sound judgments about problems of life and society, which can prepare people to stand up for what they believe with both humility and courage."  He called us to be genuine "apologists for the mystery of redemption. Generously join the long lines of those who have based their way as believers on the words of the Apostle Peter, who urged people to always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you.'" (Catholicism and Reason: The Creed and Apologetics, Rev. Edward Hayes, Rev. Msgr. Paul J. Hayes and James J. Drummey, 

Pope Benedict asserts that what air is to human life, the Holy Spirit is to the spritutal life.  He asserts that there is an atmospheric poison which surrounds humanity.  He contends that  human beings want to put God aside and create their own world which is very dangerous.

The New Apologetics seeks to invoke the aid of the Holy Spirit to give the world a reasonable defense of our faith in the face of an aggressive New Atheism.  In order to do this we need to become steeped  in Eucharistic prayer. In addition we need to know and use the tools that the Lord has given us.  By studying the Catechism, Scripture, Church History (especially the early Church Fathers) and Philosophy, we will be equipped to do so.