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Gospel of Matthew


Contact:  Patricia Jannuzzi, Director of New Evangelization/Stewardship/Adult Faith Formation
908-725-1112 ext. 1124

After you have taken Bible Timeline and have the "Big Picture", it is time to dive into the story.

Matthew:  The King and His Kingdom shows how Jesus builds on the foundation laid in the Old Testament to inaugurate the kingdom of heaven on earth.  For this reason it is an ideal followup to the Bible Timeline. 

In Matthew: The King and His Kingdom, we will:

See Jesus as the Son of David, the Son of Abraham, the new Moses, the true manna, the new Temple-and learn what this means for us today.

Learn how Jesus reconstituted the struggling kingdom of Israel around himself and brought it to a new level in the Kingdom of God, open to all people.

Witness the seeds of the Church in the foundation he built on the twelve apostles, with Peter as his vicar.

Discover the roots of the sacraments, and see how Jesus' words and actions are reflected in the holy sacrifice of the Mass and make it more meaningful.

Watch Jesus re-live the life and history of Israel as the obedient Son who trusts the Father to the very end, defeats death, hell and the grave, and rises to new life.