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Theology of the Body



Contact:  Patricia Jannuzzi, Director of the New Evangelization/Stewardship/Adult Faith Formation
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"Theology of the Body is a study not merely on marriage.  Rather, the TOB provides a "lens" through which to view the whole mystery of human life.  If you have a body, this theology applies to you!"

This study is based on Christopher West's study of John Paul the Great's first 126  Wednesday papal addresses which have come to be known as "Theology of the Body."  This teaching is one of John Paul the Great's greatest contributions to the Church!


"Since the union of man and woman is the deepest foundation of ethics and culture, it's impossible to build a "culture of life" if we do not reclaim the true meaning of human sexuality.  The human person is not a 'spirit' trapped in a body, but rather a profound unity of body and soul.  The human body expresses the mystery of the human person.  If it seems strange to speak of the body as a 'theology', it shouldn't, if we believe in the Incarnation.  God has chosen to reveal himself in and through human flesh-theology of the body.  This phrase represents the very logic of Christianity.  The thesis of the TOB is that the body alone is capable of making visible what is invisible-the spiritual and divine.  God created the human body to be a sign of the mystery hidden within the Trinity from all eternity."   An introduction to the Theology of the Body, Christopher West, p.5