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Presider:  Fr. Alex Carles 
Contact: Betsy Kuzio and Kevin Dugan, Co-animators at 908-725-1112
Members:  John Hack, Katie Hack, David Lang, Kathy Myers and Peter Smeretsky


With direction and advice from the NEPC, this commission will plan and execute programs which call our parishioners to serve our Church and the World through engaging in merciful outreach (to the needy, poor, mothers and so many others), advocating for justice in the public square (life, family, religious freedom and the disadvantaged), and reaching out to invite others into our Church. This commission will partner with the Directors of children faith formation, adult faith formation and social ministry  as well as interface with the various ministry leaders within its purview.  It will evaluate and strategize to make our Apostleship efforts more effective.  The animators are appointed by the Pastor.