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Saint Joseph Builders
Throughout the Bible, Christ consistently calls us to reach out and help the poor, the aged, and all those in need. This calling has led us to the development of the St. Joseph Workers Ministry. Its mission is to perform minor home repairs for the poor and for our senior citizens, to help ensure that their homes remain safe, warm, and dry. Among the types of repairs offered are the following: patching leaking roofs, making minor electrical and plumbing repairs, and caulking and replacing windows. If you are an expert builder or if you have home improvement experience and a desire to put your skills to work helping those in need, we invite you to add your talents to the efforts of St. Joseph Workers.

We each have different strengths and unique gifts. We strive to connect these gifts and areas of interest to service that helps others, and in doing so, ultimately serve the Lord. The smallest jobs often yield enormous results. Our work goes far beyond fixing a leaky faucet, cleaning a yard, fixing a wall, replacing a window, or even changing a light bulb. While these tasks are accomplished, the larger effects are sharing our faith, bringing hope to those in need, connecting with those who are lonely, and being examples of what Christian faith and love truly mean. These connections help us to build community and make a large parish a little smaller.


Volunteer Testimonial:

"I was attending mass one Sunday and noticed Jeanine Cavanagh and family were in attendance. We had never met but I knew who she was, the lady with 18 projects under her name in the church bulletin. Perhaps some Divine Intervention was involved but after mass I asked if she needed some help.

I am no longer just attending mass every Sunday but have taken a small, but active part in the parish community and enjoy every minute."

"My reason for helping with Houses of Hope is simple. The families that benefit have a tremendous need that my time and little talent can partially fill. By spending a relative small amount of time, significant progress is made towards ensuring a very very appreciative family is provided shelter." - Tom Cummins

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi


For more information contact:
Jeanine Cavanagh
Director of Social Ministry
(908) 725-1112 x1126

Dedicated to His service... let God transform you.
Romans 12:1-2